Owner and Chief Consultant Patrick Potter comes from an illustrious career in the food service industry. Starting at age 16 under famed Master Chef Raymund Hoffmeister; Patrick has evolved into an award winning Restaurateur and Executive Chef.

Patrick began his professional career as a trouble shooter for Ritz Carlton Hotels Worldwide. Patrick worked on such property renovations like the Hong Kong Ritz Carlton, Johannesburg Royal Sun which later became the Southern Sun, and many more. Patrick's ability to design and implement earned him world wide recognition.

Craving a thirst for his own establishment, Patrick, using his own capitol set out to open his first restaurant. Having a passion for creating and implementation, Patrick would find himself opening several concept driven restaurants, which would take flight and earn Patrick a reputation for innovation and trend forecasting. One example of this was Patrick was seeing an increase in consumer interest in Organic ingredients. Small specialized grocery outlets where carrying organic tomatoes, fruits, and some grains. Feeling that this was a growing trend, Patrick started utilizing Organic ingredients in one of his consulting concerns and saw an immediate increase in sales by almost 15%. Trend forecasting is only one of Patrick talents. Trend setting is another. One of the early pioneers of the Gluten-Free / Wheat Free movement, Patrick invented a Gluten-Free Wheat-Free pancake which was a huge success at one another on his consulting concerns. While this was not even heard of and barely mentioned in the small organic scene, Patrick new that as people grew an intolerance for something the trend would move in that direction. Patrick would later become the founder of Real Foods USA a manufacturer of Gluten-Free breakfast snacks.

A pioneer of Gluten Free Advocacy since 2004 upon Patrick's first debut of Wheat Free Pancakes at a popular Santa Monica eatery which Patrick was consulting for, and then made popular by Patrick at his Santa Fe Breakfast Restaurant. A true academic, Patrick is a Certified Executive Chef by the American Culinary Federation, and holds the title of Master Chef, by the association, "Master Chef's of Great Britain" located in the United Kingdom. Patrick business savvy was developed after earning himself his executive MBA from Xavier University and is currently contributing to several legislative works that relate specifically to the gluten-free testing arena.

In 2010 Patrick would go on to compete in the World Porridge Making Championship placing 2nd in the World inspired Patrick to apply his skill set to the pad and pen. Patrick has completed his first book titled "Porridge" illustrating and highlighting the various types of porridge and cooking methods and recipes. But he doesn't stop there. Patrick is a co-founder of the Gluten Free Standards Foundation and GFS Laboratories International. GFS Labs specializes in Gluten Free Certification of Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers and Manufacturers.

 Patrick's Attributes

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Resourceful / Adaptive
  • Organized / Punctual
  • 100% Dedicated
  • 22 Years of Experience

Competing at the World Porridge Championship in Scotland 2010