We are a results driven company. Many consultants offer "services" as we do, but none of them offer results. Below are a list of restaurants that we have participated in, together with proven methods for strengthening sales and producing long lasting stability in the marketplace.

Regional and National Outlets

Blueberry Hill Restaurants
(11 Locations Western Region)

Organic Express • Fast Casual
(11 Locations Eastern Region)

Kenny's Steak House
(27 Locations National)

Bigchill Yogurt Stores
(111 Locations National)

Hot Wingz
(220 Locations National)

Fine Dinning Restaurants /
Night Clubs

Renaissance Restaurant & Lounge
Santa Monica, CA. Gross 2.3M

Delux Burger
Phoenix, AZ. Gross 2.8M-3.5M

Bar None Lounge
Beverly Hills, CA. Gross 3.1M

Carusso's Restaurant
Boston, MA. Gross 3.2M

Roxy's Lounge
New York, NY. Gross 3.4M

Legends Sports Bar
Detroit MI. Gross 3.7M

Sabor Restaurant
Miami, FL. Gross 4.1M

Savoy Restaurant / Night Club
New York, NY. Gross 6M

Krave Restaurant & Lounge
Rio De Janeiro, BR. 6.2M

White Lotus
New York, NY & Hollywood CA.
Gross 8.4M

Red Lantern
Hong Kong, China Gross 9M

Gross Over 200k under 2M

Jimmy Wu's
New York, NY

Tommy Tangs
Hollywood, CA

Milky Way
Beverly Hills, CA

Rose Cafe
Venice, CA

72 Market Street
Venice, CA

Buffalo Club
Santa Monica, CA

Sunny Side Up
Scottsdale, AZ

JR's Barbecue
Culver City, CA

Deluxe Burger
Phoenix, AZ

Santa Monica, CA

The Greek
Detroit, MI

Carmines I
Los Angeles, CA

The Cellar Door
Santa Fe, NM

Crazy Horse Too
Las Vegas, NV

Le Dux Cafe
Hollywood, CA

Southern Comfort
Birmingham, AL

San Diego, CA
Santa Monica, CA

Palm Springs, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Beverly Hills, CA